It’s Election Day – I Vote for the Creator

My shoes from top of Sharp Top Mountain. Taken by Virginia Ashley Photography

Nature is beautiful. Our God has shown His majesty, His artistry, His creativity.

Having returned to the Old Dominion (Virginia), again I have seen the mountains, the leaves change (subdued this year but still visible), and rain. Okay, lots of rain. Yeah, yeah. Texas has had lots of rain too. But here, I went to Crab Tree Falls yesterday and saw the roar of the falls and the splendor of nature.

So today, I just want to share some of the pics from the past few days. For some great professional shots of Virginia’s beauty … check out Doug Ash photography on Instagram.

Here are mine from a simple older iPhone.

The longest flowing fall east of Mississippi

Clouds and fog blanket the peaks near Montebello

Near James River State Park. The red doesn’t come through here but like a beautiful blaze

Peg Leg on the muddy banks of the James

And lastly, gonna see if the vid will post ..

Get out today. Politics may be messy. But creation is beautiful.

Header photo by Virginia Ashley Photography. Go here to see her work






One response to “It’s Election Day – I Vote for the Creator”

  1. Bri Avatar

    I’ll have to view the video later (on lunch at work, haha), but these pictures are great! I was thinking last week, I miss VA with it’s “real” fall, but severel people have told me this past week that VA fall is just as late as SC’s, hmm! I still miss VA though -so many special people live there!


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