A Love Story – with a Twist

This is the story as I remember it. If it is wrong, don’t tell me … I like this version.

Years ago, like in the 1950s, two young Mount Airy-ians, fell in love. Yes, Mount Airy, known to most the world as Mayberry. Yes, this young man remembers growing up around Andy Griffith. But those stories are for another day … today, a love story.

So, these two love birds hit a snag. The man was sent a letter that his Uncle Sam requested his presence at the local army boot camp. Korea was calling. Time was short. Plans were made. So they decided to get married. And they did. Pictures of this wonderful event still remain in the possession of their heirs. They honeymooned in the NC mountains. And the googly-eyed couple was getting ready for a life together yet knowing they were to be temporarily separated at the request of the US Army.

Now here is the saga’s twist. As the young, brilliant, and handsome young draftee stood in line to board the bus to camp, his eyes kept focusing on the beautiful bride and partner. Then, the Uncle’s representative took him aside and told him his grades exempted him from the draft. He could proceed to work or school and support the nation as a civilian.

This was a shock. He had just got married. He had no job. He had no place for he and his bride. She had planned to stay with her parents while he was serving. What was he to do?

So, he moved in with her and her parents. Just what every young newlywed couple desires. Wohoo. Or as Gomer would say, “Go-o-o-o-llee”. (Golly stretched to five syllables – a southern thing.)

The point, life does not always go as planned.

The other point, this weekend is when we celebrate Veteran’s Day. I am so thankful we honor those who served, those who did not get pulled from the line or joined up voluntarily. I am proud of the heart, the service, and the sacrifice of those who were part of (or continue to be apart of) our armed services. My dad, yes the googly-eyed groom, did not serve in the US Army, but many in my family did and do. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

The rest of the story. That couple went off to Newport News where he worked as an electrical engineer at the shipyard. He says he worked on the Enterprise. I often wonder if he met Captain Kirk. (jk). And then He got drafted in to a different branch of the service – God’s service. He pastored for over 40 years before he was called home.

But the best thing he did was father a son who was a great sibling to three other kids. Okay, maybe a little arrogance in my words … but it is my blog, not Jon’s, Andy’s, or Kristi’s. And I am the favorite.

See ya next week – show a veteran some love this weekend.







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    I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

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