Excitement at the Parsonage

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Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on Pexels.com

It was starting off as a quiet night here in Evergreen – I was getting details to go to the Ruritans for the Thursday dinner (Cecil gave the invite and I rarely turn down an opportunity for food). The TV had NCIS on the Apple TV when it happened. I heard a loud thump/bang/something. This wasn’t the gunfire from the neighbors in the woods – too rainy and wet for that tonight. As I looked out my big picture window, I saw the lights of a big 18 or 20 foot truck slow down in front of the parsonage. As my Spidey Sense kicked in – I realize something was a bit off. I ventured out into the darkness of the night – and it gets dark on Cedar Tree Rd. I was wearing my UA Storm gear (beanie, swacket) and Oboz waterproof trail shoes – so I was set for the rain and cold.

And there, in front of my abode was a dark, 2-door Chevy car resting – partly on the road, partly in my ditch. I quickly checked to make sure the car’s driver was not hurt. Shaken, yes, but not hurt. Then together, we went in to a mindset to attempt to remedy the scenario.

I go my flashlight, we circled the car – flat tire, damaged fender, in the mud.

I called the few people I had programed in my phone so far (not too many, need to add more), and finally got Ned – who called Susan – who called John – who was with Kevin.
The driver and I went ahead and delivered the food he was bringing to a friend – about a mile further down Cedar Tree Rd. Upon our return, John and Kevin were arriving. They chained and drug the car out of the ditch. Woohoo.

The driver called a friend, and he got home. He plans to return today to get the car – but it will be there waiting until he does.

It was starting off as a quiet night here in Evergreen. It turned into a chance to share and care for a distressed neighbor, an act of service by the two Harris bros, and an invitation to join us for worship at church given to a fellow townie. God often works in mysterious ways.

I missed the Ruritan dinner, but I am okay with that. I wonder what will happen tomorrow night.

It started off as a quiet night here in Evergreen.






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