Snow … beautiful yet sad

Snow … beautiful yet sad

A winter storm blew through and unloaded about 12 to 18 inches. And maybe about as high as 30 inches with some drifts in front of the doors. The farmland, the train tracks, simple homes … all blanketed in smooth whiteness. The storm was wicked. Heavy winds. Pelting ice. From sunrise till after the sun went back down. Not that you could see the sun.

I bundled up in my UA cold gear, went to the church to check around, walked a bit to check on a neighbor, but mostly stayed indoors.

It was splendid, but sad. Sad? Yes. I miss it when the family can’t gather. I know people need to stay safe. I know the streets were treacherous. And I know the decision to suspend services for the storm was wise. But my heart desired to meet.

I worshipped online, watched some great music and worship, and spent time with God. I enjoyed how Friendship worship leaders led from their homes through Facebook live.

But in the end, I was alone.

In this world, we often find ourselves alone. But not really. One of the great truths is God never leaves nor forsakes us. The Immanuel – God with us. It is more than what took place in Bethlehem. It is every day of our lives.

And that truth helps drive the sadness away. So this week, we sing – joy to the world, the Lord has come






One response to “Snow … beautiful yet sad”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Really enjoyed reading this post. Most of my family lives in Bedford which is in your part of the state. But I doubt they made snow angels the way your sock monkey did!


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