My Little Corner of the World …

In my little corner of the world, one can become a bit myopic.

I sat here and looked out the window. I also looked at my iPad and perused the perfunctory snow pics by all of my neighbors and friends in the Virginia – North Carolina region. I ventured out into the yard yesterday to shovel a few sidewalks, check on the Shorters, and to have a little frolicking with Peg Leg. I know it’s a poor substitute to enjoying it with my son, Calvin, but he is in Dallas moving into a friends house – his new residence in his venture into adulting.

But today, I ventured beyond the little community of Evergreen. Put the 4Runner into 4wheel drive, jumped over the little wall of snow on the side of the road at the driveway entrance left by the snow plow, and slowly progressed toward 460. And before long, I saw the roads were clean, vehicles were moving at an almost normal pace, and businesses were open.

Had I remained in my little corner of the world, I would think the world was covered in snow, that roads were treacherous, and that all had come to a standstill.

And I would’ve been wrong.

Getting out of my comfort zone may have been tumultuous, but it ended up by offering more opportunity and a deeper realization that the thought of moving into the unknown doesn’t have to be paralyzing … that’s what stepping out in faith is all about.

Let’s look at this from a LOTR illustration. As Sam and Frodo were making their way beyond the Shire, Sam stopped moving at one point and declared, “If I take one more step, it’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been.” For somebody that’s never been outside of his comfort zone, this must have been terrifying.   He later found out that he’d have to go all the way to Mordor to protect Frodo. His life changed forever and it started with one little step. The key … he took that step.

As you ponder living in your little corner of the world, take advantage of opportunities to explore outside of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but start with that one little step.

Merry Christmas






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