Caroling, Cookies & Cocoa

Last night, our church took out several groups of graded school age kids. We loaded the suvs/cars, gave assignments, and hit the roads to visit some of our senior adults. Being a rural community, the homes were spread out over a large portion of the county. Something most suburban and urban churches don’t have to face.

Our group of three vehicles headed east, hit the gravel and dirt roads, and made it to the home of James and Opal. What a joy. This couple lived in a farm house, an old farm house, a real old farm house. James said he was born in that house, and he was in his 90s. An additional Joy was yesterday was also their wedding anniversary. They have been married for 65 years. You go James and Opal. Opal said they had never had a serious argument in 65 years.

Before we left, James plaid his piano for us. An antique stand up. He taught himself and plays by ear. And though his age has hit his hands a bit, there was nothin sweeter.

We prayed with them and headed to the next house … well, we tried. We got lost trying to find Donna’s house. I think our driver went down a deer trail. So we headed back to church, the very building James and Opal got married in 65 years ago, and had cookies and hot chocolate.

Okay, what is the point of all this besides how cute and happy kids are when they are caroling, how great cookies are at Christmas, and that Appomattox county has some roads really country? The point is story telling.

Yes, story telling. No, not fibbing – but listening to people and their story.

This season, when families and friends should be gathering, take some time to listen to some stories. Ask about when they grew up, early Christmas memories, how they met or what was the wedding like. Dig a little deeper and realize the beauty and uniqueness of different people. Grasp the difference between life then and life now.

It was so cool to sit there, eating a Christmas brownie, and thinking 65 years ago on this same day – that great couple started their life together. Lots of stories.

And one last thing, take time to make new entries into your story. Maybe do it together with friends and family this season.

Merry Christmas






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