An Annual Check Up

Doctors – Dentist – Eye Doctors – and more. Do you like those annual check ups? Lisa is pretty regular in her visits. Me? I kind of avoid them. It explains a lot about me, but that’s not what we are here to discuss.

We are now in the process of getting everything transferred over to Virginia. And part of that is the annual auto inspection. So, we drove to Ashland for Anderson Automotive Care – I trust this guy with my life. I pass a lot of places to get to a place, and a person, I trust.

But more important than auto inspection should be about regular spiritual life check up. How would this happen? Who should do it? When should we do it?

With a new year just days away, maybe this is a good time to do that ‘spiritual check up’. Look at your prayer life – your bible reading plan – your stewardship and generosity – your place in service – and more. This is not about grading the past and feeling either proud or regretful. It is about moving forward to a better year with a deeper devotion and closer walk with Jesus.

You know, we are supposed to do this every time we take communion – examine ourselves.

I also want to throw a twist in here. Maybe you should get someone to help you examine your life and evaluate your walk from an outsider’s perspective: I sometimes can tell if something is wrong with my car, but having a skilled friend gives me a better insight. Find a mentor and learn something. What a great blessing to have a friend like that.

So – lets make 2019 a great year!






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