Closing Out on a Church Business Meeting … wa..hoo?

Getting Organized … finding where you fit in to serve

The final gathering of Evergreen as a church family was last night. We had a business meeting. How exciting was I? Some might read that with skepticism in your head’s voice. What, you don’t have voices in your head? We’ll get back to back another day. For now, a business meeting.

We had three votes and some great discussion. We voted on a revised “credit card policy”. We voted to have a vote on authorizing a check signer. Then we voted on authorizing a check signer.

But it was the discussion on the budget that was the reason for the gathering. The discussion was good. Always positive. Always for clarity. Lauds for the finance and budget team whose hard work made the evening seem easy.

The issue here isn’t a business meeting, the topic of a church budget, or even the great attitude and atmosphere. The issue is we ended the year on a business meeting.

Before you say you’ll never … I think you can see this as a positive thing. The discussion talked on missions, on looking out for staff, on making sure guest pulpit supply peeps are taken care of (like I’m gonna give my pulpit up in my first year … they’re stuck with me … broohaha.)

Wait, something just occurred to me. Maybe they were suggesting I give up the pulpit more. Nah, that couldn’t be it. Could it? Great, now I’m paranoid.

Back to topic. We are to be good stewards of all that God has given us. And that includes the business of church work, the delight (truly delight) of being part of God’s Kingdom mission here on earth. This was an uplifting time that showed people’s hearts are invested in God’s work. And a well running organization helps everyone serve better.

The Bible is replete with examples. David got everything ready for Solomon to build the Temple. Nehemiah had the plan for the wall. Paul writes much on church life. Deacons were called to help the Apostles. My desire is a smooth running organization that empowers ministry.

Before the meeting, I shared two questions. What is God doing right here, right now? What will you do about it?

So as you end this year, maybe you need to get better organized for 2019. So that, when you do see what God is doing, you are ready and able to get involved. And that, dear readers, makes business meetings important.

Happy New Year. May 2019 be year we serve better, bigger, and bolder for God.

Post note: our first meetings of 2019 will be focused on missions. Great end, great start.






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