Time Capsule in Your Hand

Like most people, I carry a smart phone. An iPhone to be exact. True, not the latest. Calvin has a pretty new model, and so does Lisa. I decided to hold on to ‘till it would be absolutely necessary to replace my 6. In my hand, and probably yours, is a miniature time capsule. I have pictures. Maybe not a lot, but a few indeed for 2018. So I decided to pick my top 9 to emphasize what God was doing in my life. Many great shots did not make the cut. And there were some events that had no representation, so I yielded to what I had with a thought to be more conscious of recording in 2019.

Interestingly, very few selfies. But there were a good amount with Calvin in them. Meh does look better anyway. And PegLeg had some pics too. Even his trip to Mexico to see the volcano – it erupted recently, but PegLeg wasn’t there to see it. There were several hikes that were left on the floor in the editors office – Natural Bridge, Devil’s Marbleyard, Sharp Top, and a few more. This one was from Enchanted Rock in Texas hill country. Beautiful hike. Not the length or scope of Blue Ridge/Shenandoah/Skyline … but wonderful all the same. Hiking is a passion I don’t do enough of. But being back in VA, expect more pics of the beautiful scenarios around me.

This was when Calvin and a I entered the NFL draft in Dallas. A great time at AT&T stadium, even if too little Washington jerseys were to be seen.

This one is of a little girl at Chik-fil-A. I worked there a bit in 2018. When it was built, it was the largest CFA in America. I took this for the OCD of the mother to put ketchup on every bit of the waffle fries crumbs. I also had a great way with kids.

This is of Lisa and I crashing at the Memphis airport … stuck overnight. The event itself wasn’t unusual, not our first night in an airport. But it was somewhat representative of my pursuit of God’s next opportunity to serve at a church. For awhile, it seemed as if detours, roadblocks, closed doors, and simply wandering in the wilderness was going to be all I would discover.

But in His time, God reached out and opened a door to connect, to serve, to call home ay Evergreen in Appomattox. Toooooo many to post about this, so I post a pic from my first Rail Road Fest in bustling downtown Appomattox. The events all around Evergreen calling are a blessing and a great place to call home as we serve together.

But it has speed bumps too. For one, the weather. Here is a pic of a Sunday we could not gather due to the snow – lots of snow. About 16 inches in some places. The solitude of the parsonage left much to desire, but the warmth of the fellowship is overwhelming.

Probably a big event to impact years to come is the connection to a wonderful young lady named Tiffany. Now, I had little to do with reaching out to make this connection, I give all credit to that scoundrel of son of mine. God has brought them together (and only He know for how long, so I leave that to Him and them) but I have been blessed, Lisa has been blessed, Calvin has been blessed (oh yeah), and I think Calvin has been good for her too. Now that Calvin is having to really get serious about being an adult … Tiff is giving him solid nuggets of wisdom (yeah, I gave him the same stuff; but for some reason, he listens to other people better.)

Number 8 … Muddy Shoes. I have been challenged, blessed, and hopefully a blessing to others through this blog. I know today is more retrospect, but it is good to look back and see where God is working.

Lastly, and I cheated here for the picture is from January 1, 2019, is my reunion with Lisa. We were apart for a few months during this transition. But we are back. This pic is from the lower falls of Crabtree Falls. We ventured there and Natural Bridge yesterday. Wonderful reminders of God’s awe seen through nature.

If you were to look at your time capsule of photos, what would you see God doing? Maybe you need to be reminded He is still around and still at work.

Be blessed






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