Good Friends, New Beginnings, Broken Endings


Yesterday I joined with a couple of old friends and we did Sharp Top, Buzzards Roost, and a failed attempt to find the B25 in the Peaks of Otter mountain area. The rain had stopped, the air was crisp, and God’s creation in nature was only matched by the relationships He gives us in our lives. He created us for relationships – friendships – family.

I do believe we need time alone, time alone with God, and downtime. But we are not meant to stay there. Make 2019 a year where you make friends, spend time with them, and to be a good friend to someone … you won’t regret it.


Also in 2019, start a Bible reading plan, read great works of literature, read some fresh blog perspectives.

Need a suggestion? Connections 2 Excellence is a great one done Mondays and Fridays. Here is the first one of the year, you will enjoy the insight from this beautiful and genuine heart …

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I love museums. It breaks my heart that the Smithsonian has been impacted by the Governmental showdown. I came across an article on an interesting new museum. Okay, it’s not in the US yet, but it piqued my interest. Displays and stories dedicated to the the breakup. In the article, it says, “Whatever the circumstances of a broken heart, lovesick folks the world over may draw comfort from the Museum of Broken Relationships.”

Really. I am not kidding. It started in Croatia. The museum, not breakups. It shares stories and items that represent breakups … relationships, Brexit, anything. It makes also wonder if it will go back to the first breakup – in the Garden of Eden. man’s foolishness and pride, deception, temptation, rebellion, eyes opening, hide-n-seek, eviction, and a history seeking the paradise lost from that one moment. What would the exhibit be? The Apple, fig leaf, a sword of an angel? I might go see that last one.

In reality, the exhibit could be me – for I am a product of that broken relationship. But that would only tell half the story. For now, because of the cross, the love of God, and the victory found in an empty tomb – that relationship has been restored, and will be restored.

If you were part of the exhibit, would your story include the relationship restored through Jesus? I hope so. It can be. Maybe that’s the new beginning you need for 2019.

Just saying. Be blessed. Todd






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