Prayer – dive deep in the ocean of God’s grace and mercy

Just some notes from worship Sunday …

Prayer – Swimming in the Deep Riches of Fellowship with God

We need a paradigm shift from just voicing requests to deepening our awe of and our relationship with the almighty Lord.

Why we Pray …

1. Jesus professed it

– Matt 21.13, Luke 19.46

2. Apostles believed it

– Acts 6.1&4

3. Early church practiced it

4. History shows it

– Great Awakenings, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Welsh Revival, etc

What prayer brings …

– deeper relationship, focused outlook, uniting the family


Spend time learning to pray, Matt 6

– Do It (when you pray, not if) … Alone and with others

– Pray with familiarity (our Father)

– Pray with respect (hallowed be Your name)

– Pray with authority

– Pray with openness (His Kingdom come)

– Pray with consistency (daily)

– Pray with transparency (forgiveness)

Key Tweet of the Week …

Stop ‘praying’ it safe

Maybe we don’t see great works of God because we pray too mild of prayers.

– Be bold & Be daring






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