Let’s Shut Everything Down!

Pre-Reading comments: this is not taking a side, but just some pondering of my rabbit trail chasing mind. I threw in the pics for fun.

They boarded up the bathroom. What were we to do?

I went hiking last week. It was in a National Park so the ranger station and the store – and the bathrooms were closed. Now I expected this so we planned accordingly. But what do you do if you didn’t? I have read of some parks being hit hard by trash and, well, more stuff. Monday, I went by the Appomattox National Park with Lisa, and the gate was down and the site was empty and quiet.

After last night’s public statements from DC, I don’t see any resolution to this issue any time soon. Our government seems more divided then ever.

What would happen if business, schools, or even churches decided to shut down if they couldn’t get along. (This rambling is not about fiscal responsibility or budgeting, but about working together) If businesses closed their doors, they might not ever get over the loss. I know Blue Bell took a big hit with their shut down for cleaning. And who can forget all that Jack in the Box went through. Yeah, yeah – these were not about arguments, but it does show impact of closures and lack of trust in the brand.

Let’s be specific in my area – churches. Now churches fight, oops, I mean disagree, all the time. Often it means new churches being formed. Sometimes people disappear from churches for extended periods of time. Is this justifiable? There are truths that should never be compromised, lines that should not be crossed, and stands that need to be taken. But too often, the way it is handled is done with bitterness, anger, vitriol, and a spirit of vengeance. We too often set our agenda above it all and think we have the corner on God’s Kingdom agenda. Ouch … no, double ouch.

What should be our response?

I think we need to understand grace a little better, listen a little more compassionately, offer forgiveness a little quicker, and seek unity a little harder.

What would this show to the world if the church did this?

One of the biggest areas we ‘fight’ is music … it’s even been tagged as worship wars. Nothing new here. It happens every generation. Now, I don’t think EBC is ready for Lecrae, but I do think all of us should be thinking of what would it take to reach our world? What can we do to help others hear about God’s love? And what is our attitude about building up the whole body of Christ, not just the part that does things the way we want? (Note. This is not about EBC, but about every church everywhere)

I close with a great illustration I was told. An elderly lady was sitting in the back of her church sanctuary. The youth band was playing on stage rehearsing for the soon to start service. The music was probably louder than most were used to, so the pastor asked the lady if she was bothered by the music. She did not respond. He asked again, still no response. Then he realized she had earplugs in her ears. (Some churches offer these to all that enter their worship services). She removed her earplugs, listened to the question, and said, “No, I don’t really care for the music. But, see that young girl singing? That’s my granddaughter and I love her. And there is nothing that would stop me from seeing her leading worship and praising God. So no matter the music, I am here to worship and to support her.”

What if we all took this attitude? What would the pundits say about us if we got along this way?

Let’s show the world.

Editors note about the selected pics. These are three different times Lisa sang with people at church. It represents three different genres. Can you figure out who they were copying and which one is Lisa in each picture? Pictures used without permission from Lisa, so I probably am in trouble right now. te






3 responses to “Let’s Shut Everything Down!”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Love that grandma! Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      You’re welcome. I so appreciate your comments and your own personal blog.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kara Avatar

    Great post! Very relevant.

    Also, very relatable! We visited some of the DC monuments yesterday and experienced the closed bathroom struggle… with a preschooler! 😝


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