I Go Bonkers for Fridays

Friday’s. TGIF. Some days of the seven days bring a bit more excitement than others. Sunday’s are my ultimate fav … worship, hanging with the church fam, football on TV, and nobody questions my afternoon naps.

But Friday’s … not because the end of the workweek, not because the weekend is here, and not because of new movie releases (though I do love that, but Appomattox doesn’t have a Cinemark or Alamo or Look Cinema … or any theater to that matter). Nope, I love Friday’s because of music. Specifically new music.

I quickly get on iTunes, click over to the Christian genre, and peruse, listen, and download new music. I listen for what would be some Praise & Worship tunes for wherever I am at. I sing to the newest hits. And relish in some personal worship. Right now, I am listening to Merideth Andrews new ones, Faith and Wonder and A Million Saints. Smooth, praising, and exalting Christ. So, click add, put on playlist “listen, worship, and see if EBC possible”, and listen-rinse-repeat.

I used to buy a lot … probably too much of my budget went to that. Now I am trying Apple Music for free for a bit. (Well, Verizon is paying for it.) Yeah, it is a try it, you’ll like it, get me addicted. But in the end it may save me for letting me listen to songs once or twice – then letting them sit there paid for but never again listened too. Like the island of misfit toys in my iTunes world.

What’s the point of this rambling? Three main points.

Music … it moves our soul. It brings back emotions that calm, excite, and everything in between. It calms the savage beast. I hope today you click on the radio, you jam to some beats, and sing like nobody is listening. Enjoy some music.

New things … I am a sucker for ‘new’. I can’t go to the grocery store without throwing an item in my basket … just because it has the word ‘new’ on it. I try new hikes, I go to new restaurants (kind of tough in rural VA), and pretty much am drawn into sales pitches that just throw the word out there.

Expectations … we should all have things we look forward to. What are your hopes? Your dreams? Your longings? Unfortunately, all most all things we look forward to will eventually be relegated to the sidelines, marginalized in some way, or simply forgotten. And the older I get, the quicker I forget too.

But this gets me to my biggest point … there is something about how big, how amazing, how awesome our God is that as we seek to know Him more, the more we realize He is beyond anything we can ever imagine, His glory and splendor will never disappoint, and the depth of who He is – well is eternal. So no being sidelined, no being marginalized, and never reaching the end of His freshness, His greatness, or, well, just Him.

This weekend, either there where you are or here in central Virginia everyone is expecting snow, may we desire to know Him more.

Praise Him in music, worship Him with the fam, and spend time in the ever freshness of God … it is new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. Oooh, another song to listen to.

Have a great Friday.

Post note: I used to love Tuesdays, but when the music industry switched to Friday’s for releases, all that changed. But a great website to see new and upcoming Christian music, check out newreleasetoday.com






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