Dangerous & Beautiful

Dangerous and beautiful. And no, I am not talking about my wife. Well, maybe … no. Not this time.

I am talking about the weather. This weekend, my hometown got winterized again. It started off beautiful. Flakes fluttering, everything turning white, and a splendor of God’s glory. Then – the temperature rose just a few degrees. We went from white to sleet, ice, mixed precipitation. The weather app even used a phrase I never heard before – freezing fog. What is freezing fog? Yeah, yeah, I know – fog that freezes, ha ha. But really, what is it? Accuweather defines it as “supercooled water droplets that remain in liquid state until they come into contact with a surface upon which they can freeze. As a result, any object the freezing fog comes into contact with will become coated with ice.” So cool – supercooled water droplets. I also read about something called diamond dust – a kind of ice fog, but sparse ice crystals falling form a clear sky – again, so cool.

So, if I walk through the fog, will my face be covered in a sheet of ice? Let the experimentation begin.

As the hours progressed, the trees are beautiful – a shiny coat glistening in the light, an effervescence that grabs the imagination and propels one into a winter wonderland different than that of a snow white coverings, a beauty that sparkles and mesmerizes. But danger Will Robinson. That means the walkways, the parking lot, and every flat surface will also be covered in ice – an ice that looks to cause slippage and broken hips.

It is beautiful – yet dangerous. There are a lot of things that seem beautiful but are dangerous, even deadly – flowers, animals, foods, and according to one website, Justin Bieber and beards (yeah, kind of laughed at those.) But sin is kind of like this too. Something looks appealing, enticing, and even fun – and may be at first, but in the end, it leads to catastrophe and separation from God. Fortunately, there is a remedy. To the ice, the remedy is the warmth and light of the Sun – to sin, the remedy is the warmth and light of the Son of God’s love. Way too much to explore here, but if you need to know more, I am always up for an online convo.

I hope you know His love, know His grace, and His warmth.
Stay off the ice, and stay away from sin.

Stay Warm & Have a Great Day.





3 responses to “Dangerous & Beautiful”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Unexpected and deep analogy here, definitely worth pondering. Thanks!


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      I am glad it caused reason to ponder. Your blogs as well give a fresh and unique POV. And living around farms now, they are even more relevant.


  2. weselena54 Avatar

    It is suppose to be freezing fog here tonight. Our weather woman called it frog. lol


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