Seen Any “Graupel” Lately?

It’s new (at least to me.) It’s different. I have been educated in a new form of ice. It’s another aspect of the weather that has come to my attention. And it has a name – Graupel. I am not sure if that is singular or plural. One dictionary says it is unmeasurable, so no real singular or plural. Another says the plural is graupeln. Though that may be due to its Germanic etymology. Its origin comes form the word for “pearl barley”.

So, what is it? No, not snow pellets. No, not hail. It is the soft, white, brittle ice particles I saw on the car this morning. it forms when snowflakes pass through super-cold air and water – and then freeze into tiny ice balls. They pretty much melt when touched. It looks like the sugar on the chocolate candy Sno-Caps. (oh great, now I want some candy).

Yesterday I talked about the weather here being beautifully dangerous – but today, the weather has taught me to also see life as beautifully fragile.
A lot has gone into forming graupel. Think of the journey it has gone through. And when I touched it – gone. And now that the sun is shining – gone.

This should help us appreciate things in our lives for so many things we hold dear are so fragile, that they could be taken quickly and without warning. This week, our church had a family who pretty much lost everything to a house fire. No human injuries – but all they held dear lost. I also have a friend who went through a deep loss of an adult child due to the evil of mankind. Again, no warning.

We should treasure every moment we have with people. Never take anything, anyone, or any opportunity for granted.

Let people know you love them, care for them, and they are precious to the Lord and to you.

Hug your family (yes, I said hug – but only your family for me – maybe more people for some of you readers), share a word of appreciation, and build up one another. What a great year 2019 would be if we all did this.

Till tomorrow – Be blessed






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