Doing Some Treasure Hunting

Today’s blog is simple. I am doing some treasure hunting.

Recently I hiked the Peaks of Otter area and searched for a specific landmark. Missed it. Wandered around the mountain side to no avail. Great time, but the target was never reached. When it comes some of my social media in recent months, I too have missed some great treasures and finds. So I decide to rework my web time.

I have so focused on Instagram and news apps in the past months (when it comes to social media) that I haven’t really spent time looking at my Twitter feed. So I dug back into it. Today, I am just going to share a few great quotes … but the twist is I will only pull tweets from people I haven’t followed yet. So, here are a few nuggets to ponder today.

The entire ministry of Jesus was dependent upon his getting away to pray privately, because He needed the working of the Spirit and the blessing of His Father. So must we. (@helopoulos)

Be approachable. “No matter how busy you are; you must take time to make the other person feel important.” Mary Kay Ash (@kheilmann)

“He helped Daniel get out the lions den, he helped Joshua get over that wall, he helped GILLIGAN get off the ISLAND..” (@Rodneylr)

your doubt can create mountains but your faith can move them (@alisonpool_)

And finally from @EvergreenPosts …

Listen more

Don’t stress

Stay healthy

Don’t respond to negativity

Keep in touch with friends

Be nice to strangers

Don’t take people for granted

Forgive first

Choose happiness

Dream Big

Show appreciation

Be honest

Take a shower

Don’t criticize

Know when to leave

Complain less.

Today, do some of your own treasure hunting all around you.

Be blessed.

Note. Use of these tweets do not mean I know or endorse all of the posts by the authors. It jus means I enjoyed these tweets today






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