Power in the Name

Whose name would you drop?

Have you dropped a name? I mean you look for a discount or sale price, so you mention the manager is a friend. You apply for a job, but subtly mention you know people that work there. Or, you want make other think you are in “the group, circle, clique, power structure” or just cool because you’ve met or knew someone of importance. These are just example.

I’ve done it. Mentioned from a pulpit I’ve met so-and-so. Normally not for advantage but just because it was a cool connection I have had. But do they know me? Hardly. I’m not sure there is anybody that gets a bump in social status because they’ve dropped my name.

Where am I goin with this? Prayer. We are to pray in the name of Jesus. But this is not some magical spell in that we say five mystical words and we get everything our way. Not happening. (See Acts 19.15)

It is about intimacy. We don’t need more authority … that’s Jesus domain. We need more intimacy with Jesus so we aligned with Him and His ways. We can say in Jesus name, because we know the desires of Jesus.

So this week, when you pray … think about how your relationship with Him is. Do you walk where He would walk? Talk like He would? Treat people like He would?

And when you ask and pray, is it about His will or yours?

Ouch. I’ve stepped on my own toes enough for one day (but I will do it more, of this I am sure.)

Have a blessed day.






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