That’s a BIG Shadow

It was about 15 feet wide. It was circling me and causing a sense of doom running down my spine. I was not sure if I was really in danger or just my mind playing tricks on me. My next steps were to be measured carefully.

Let me step back and give the whole picture. I was leaving the office today and walking all the way home. Yes, in the 15 degree weather. It was a bit chilly so I paused at the door to put on my gloves. My new Spyder beanie was already snug on my cranium giving my grey matter warmth and security. Then before I stepped out from the doorway, there it was. It was huge. The shadow of a predatory animal circling my very presence. I glanced in the direction of what would be the source of the shadow … and then …

<<I pause here for dramatic effect …>>

And … a hawk. Or maybe a bald eagle, for they too have been seem around here. Okay. So the shadow was bigger than the actual bird. But it was circling, looking for lunch, and maybe it thought I was a possibility. But my two-second long anxiety attack was abated and I continued on my 75 foot walk to the entrance of my abode. Hey, I never said I didn’t live close by.

Shadows. They can scare us. I mean in a few days, an oversized rodent named Phil will tell us how much more winter we have all based on his … you got it, His shadow. And for those of us in single, or minus, degree weather, we do not want any more of winter than we have already had.

Shadows are mere virtual companion to that which is reality. In truth, it is not the shadow that really scares us, but the thought of what is casting that shadow.. it can also bring comfort. There are several places in Scripture where one feels safe in the shadow of the Lord’s wing. An illusion to how a mother hawk protects her young.

I also noticed something. The brighter the Sunshine, the darker the shadow seems. So we can focus on the shadow and that which casts the shadow … or we can focus on the light, the warmth, the joy, the overwhelming blessing the sun brings. When we look at this in perspective to our spiritual walk, I want to focus on the brightness and warmth of the true Light – Jesus. Yes, many things around us might cast a shadow, but we are to walk in the light. So let’s focus on that.

Today, look past the shadows that causes anxiety, and see the Light that brings peace, courage, and protection. And then, we will cast a pretty large shadow on our own. That is exciting.

Let’s walk in the light.






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