Men have it hard at a baby delivery

Was I a bad husband? I guess I have to write this one. It was 28 years ago. Actually 28 years and a day. February 7, 1991 … my wife was great with child … very great. That can be taken in so many ways, and I mean it in so many ways. For the record, she’s great without child as well.

So, back to the story. She was great with child and she started to feel labor pains early in the morning of February 7. They were sporadic and quite a bit apart in time. So, she rested, and I slept. After I woke up near sunrise, I found her still awake and very calm. I went to work, and she stayed home to rock in her new glider-rocking chair.

I returned in the afternoon, and the labor was still about the same. So, I left to go to the grocery store. Now, I didn’t leave her alone, her sister-in-law was there, as well as her niece. So, I got groceries, went to pick up dinner and returned home. I ate my dinner, spaghetti if I recall correctly. She said it probably was time to go to the hospital, so I said ‘hold on a minute while I finish dinner’. Then we left.

The hospital, Charleton Methodist in Dallas, was ready … the LDR wing was wonderful … and the doctor was on call. While we waited, I read the Bible to her. Song of Solomon to be exact … for some reason it seemed appropriate considering I love her so much. She didn’t really like that humor at all.

After a few hours of excruciating waiting, a few tense moments, and more, it all came to fruition around 1 am on February 8, 1991. Robert Calvin Estes came into the world. Robert after my father and Calvin after Calvin and Hobbes. My preference was Balthasar Hubmaier but Lisa vetoed that. Thank goodness.

But, I reflect back on that night, and maybe I should’ve been more attentive, stayed with her every minute during the 23 hour labor, and not tried to be funny in the delivery room. But she knew what she was getting in to when she said ‘I Do’.

Delivering a child is tough on the father. We toil and stress and rarely do anything right. Women have it easy. Doctors and nurses at their beck in call, drugs on demand, and they get all the credit. I don’t think women know how hard it is on us guys.

Note: It was hard to type that with a straight face.

Men never really get it, do we? And probably never will. But I do know this for certain … my wife is a great mother. She got into all of this because of her love for me, but there came a love for that spawn that will never be diminished.

Today, February 8, 2019, Robert Calvin Estes is 28 years old. Happy birthday Calvin … I hope you know what I went through that night.

May your day be blessed.


On the way home from the hospital, we strapped Calvin in his seat, but we didn’t attach the seat securely. So at the first right turn, his seat rolled over and Calvin was left suspended securely, but upside down. Lisa freaked, I laughed and took a left to turn him back. Life has been an adventure … then and now.






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