Use for the Foolish

Maybe I will get an LP category all to myself

What if you could’ve invented the Apple iPhone or painted the Mona Lisa? What if you were talented enough and at the right place at the right time to discover penicillin or to prove the world was round?

There’s a new movie coming soon – Yesterday. From what I gather, it is a second rate rock artist that gets hit by a car during a global black out. When he wakes up, he soon discovers The Beatles never existed, their music was never recorded, and he is the only person in the world to know their great recordings … recordings that changed the music world forever.

I think we all, well mostly, believe we could do something grand if we were in the right place at the right time and … well … had the right talent. I do believe every one of us have been created with beauty, talent, artistic leanings. But I also think some have more talent than others … ever heard of Bezalel and Oholiab? I just let those two hang out there.

I guess what my brain ponders is what makes something valuable? What gives worth? And does the stay at home mom have less value than the first female president of the US? Is the pastor of a small church any less important than the pastor of a mega church? God has a tendency to use the foolish things of the earth … (1Cor 1.27). I fit in that category quite well.

We are all His His masterpiece and we all have worth. Recently, I was faced with questions of worth when I evaluated my life? Why didn’t I finish my dissertation? Why didn’t I choose path A over path B? And so on. But this I know … I trust God every step of the way. I blew some things, got some right (Like Lisa), and am thrilled to be where I am today. Perfect? No. Preach like the Beatles sang? Probably not. Author of multiple books? I will leave that to others.

I am glad I spent time with my son as he grew up, glad I worked on my marriage, and I will press on through tomorrow … and who knows, maybe I’ll buy a Taylor guitar, learn to play it, get a bit more creative, and write the next song for Tomlin to record, and make a P&W megahit sung by peeps all over the world. Just maybe.

Look for my name at the Grammys! Or not.

Have a blessed day.






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