She Does the Dishes

Before I get slammed that I am misogynist, or that I ask too much from Lisa, let me have my side of the story. I love my wife and am glad she settled for me. Everyone knows I married up. Especially me.

She married a man with some weird ways – first, she knew she would be a minister’s wife. Who goes into life knowing this? Too glass house and such. Second, she knew I moved a lot. I got this from my father. It’s not that we get upset and move, it’s more we keep looking forward, new challenges, and new adventures. I am very willing to stay, and I plan to be at my current location quite a while. EBC, you’re stuck with me, so bwohaha. And lastly, I am a bit childlike, some might say childish. But I enjoy life. And I try to help others do the same.

Back to the dishes. We are a team. When it comes to household responsibilities, we share them. Well, we kind of share them, we rarely made Calvin do any. To that fact, I am sorry to whomever ends up with him. But between Lisa and me, we share. In the kitchen, I cook and she does the dishes. Yes, I cook. Okay, maybe I bring in take out a lot as well. But now that we are in an area with ample food service establishments, that habit has taken a hit (typed that with a laugh).

It’s a great system where we serve each other. In a world where most people look out for themselves, it’s great to be part of a relationship where we look out for the other person. Wait, isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing? Isn’t that the Biblical way of living? Serving one another, think of others before ourselves, et al?

Can you imagined what our world would be like if we all lived this way? Am I thinking too big? How about we just focus on our workplace, our home, or our classroom. This week, think about how you can serve those around you.

Maybe even do some dishes.






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