They still have the rock … #episode19 day 2 part 1

Day 2 … 2.23

Pre – 7a

It is still dark upon rising from sleep. Heavy clouds and mist cover the mountains. So, I shake off the slumber and head to … the coffee shop, aka Cloud. Sipping the heavenly delight, the caffeine begins to kick in. I await breakfast time to see how well our campers do in early morning hours.


Breakfast. This was better than the Brussels sprouts. But during this time frame, two things need sharing. First is there is a new game … ‘slap the table’ is as Good as name as any. Tap, tap, double tap, reverse … at least they’re not slapping each other … yet.

Second is a young boy approached Matt T. He stared and looked at his phone. Stared, looked at phone. “Can I help you?” “Is this you?” The young lad had a pic of Matt and our youth on his phone. He said “l found this phone and it has this picture.” Matt figured one of our kids lost their phone. Well, not a kid. Me. I left on tray at tray return … what a Goober.


From there, we all went to morning devo … but Lisa and I headed to the local Walmart. One of our kids needed an item, so they all felt I wasn’t doing anything. 20 miles in the heavy fog … yeah. But item bought, tragedy averted … I saved the day.


Worship, whoop, whoop. Games, morning rally, music, and more. Tim spoke more on stand guard and integrated the story of Daniel 6. A great challenge that integrated the rock … parents: make sure you hear the stories behind the rocks in their lives.


Lunch … a blast from the past. Micah Hasty came to our table. The music guy. It seems Micah, and Paul Maynard, camp leader, grew up together … at a church I served at with Paul’s dad. They were in same kids class with Calvin. Small world.


Headed out … at least Lisa and me. So, more details will come via some of our campers. Watch the FB youth page and I will give a report in a few days upon their return. Hope to do a Vlog.

See ya Sunday






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