No rock bigger than “The Rock”

Magicians/illusionist use it. It’s common on movies and tv shows. Military strategy makes use of it quite often. Doctors pull this tactic. And even parents pull this trick on their kids. Distraction.

You make people to look somewhere else, think of something else, or just look away from where you don’t want them to look. It’s called the distraction.

There are multiple movie scenes where the hero (or bad guy) distracts the enemy so they can move in, capture, defeat their nemesis. Parents wiggle something in front of their whiney kid to get their mind off something. Doctors tickle the kids right before they jab you with a needle. (Ouch)

This week, the campers where I attended were given a rock. The speaker used a Rambo illustration. Rambo throws the rock to, you got it, distract the guard. Haven’t these guards ever seen the movies and this simple trick? Apparently not. They walk away from their post and Rambo rescues the prisoners. The whole trick was the simple rock.

Here’s the bad thing. The devil is a great distractor too. He will do anything to get our attention away from God, to get us out of the Word, not spend time in prayer, and be at odds with our brothers and sister in the church. He will make us focus on worship style versus praising the God who gives reason to worship. He will make us think about what we don’t like, what is different our way … as opposed to being united, and focused on what we have in common.

So … the speaker gave them a rock. They were to keep it with them the whole weekend. A reminder to not let anything distract them.

And yet, we get distracted. People, preferences, politics, and … can’t think of any more words with P. But know this. There is no distraction too big God can’t overcome.

Out from under a rock rises life and beauty nourished from above! There isn’t a rock God can’t move in order to allow you to #RiseUp.

Keep your your eyes on what’s important.

No rock is bigger than the Rock.






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