Tale of a Couple of Cars

I was headed to my favorite local breakfast spot … driving down the vein that crosses central Virginia, highway 460. And then an 18-wheeler passed me. Nothing new here, but it was. It was a flatbed full of crushed cars, they were smashed to about 18 inches in height, and probably every salvageable piece having been removed prior to their destruction.

I ponder, did the person who worked the machine to smash them feel satisfaction, a thrill to watch the crunching? My favorite tools are my hatchet and a sledge hammer – I love to tear down stuff. Is that healthy?

I have a friend. He is a master auto mechanic. One of his joys is to restore classic cars (a cool way to say old cars). I’ve been in his shop and seen some of his artistry. I wish I could do some of what he does. But alas, I am better at the destruction end.

Now let’s switch to relationships … which are you better at? Destruction or restoration? In my vocation, I see way too many people at the destruction end of other people’s attitudes, comments, prejudices, and actions. I’ve seen what people can do to people. And sometimes, as I look out on a Sunday morning, I see a truck load of people that have been smashed, crashed, and more.

I know at times I have been stupidly responsible for causing harm to others psyche, soul, heart, etc. I regret not being more of the artistic restorer. I know it is the Lord who restores … but I long to be His instrument to help others.

So, point of the day … are you one causing destruction to others or are you one God is using to help restore? May our hearts be in the latter category.

Have a blessed day and encourage someone who crosses your path.






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