We battle not against flesh and blood – but we battle

When I was interviewing for this current position, I asked if it seemed all was going as planned? Was it all coming together the way I sensed it was?

Okay, maybe not a good question unless you’re prepared for real, honest, and potentially cutting answers. But God’s graces shined and I am now here. But they may re-evaluate after the past month.

I have played Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Bob Dillon, and most recently, 3 Doors Down. My background songs for specific illustrations are very intentional – but sometimes the way I think is not the way others do. I think Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down went over well (we are a pretty patriotic church with good amount of veterans after all) – but it is only Tuesday and sometimes the parking lot committee discussions do not reach me till a bit later.

In the music video, designed for the National Guard, it talks of people who are ready to serve, trained, prepared, and will go into the storms, into the battles, into the very lives of those who are in the struggle.

Evergreen is a church that went through a tornado – within scant feet of our front door. Houses in our community were destroyed, lives changed forever, and even one tragic loss. Our church became the base of restoration operation. It was a sight of beauty seeing people rise up to meet the challenge. But that storm was three years ago.

Today, we still have people going through storms – maybe not a physical tornado, but spiritual, emotional, relational, and more. we have wounded right around us – and we as God’s people, need to be rising up to be instruments of God’s grace.

The ethos is we never leave a comrade behind. Do you know someone going through a storm? This week, be intentional to show compassion, concern, and help them anyway you can.

May God’s people be known as people who care for others. May we fight the good fight.

Be blessed.






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