Holliday Lake State Park

Taking a jaunt around the lake – cool morning and supposedly high of 50. What is it about creation that brings calmness and serenity?

Is it the road less travelled? The escape from busy-ness? The unplugged aspect of nature?

One wonders what early man thought of the woods? The wind rustling the leaves? The birds and fish and bears of the forest and lakes? Was food their only thought or did they marvel at the beauty?

One wonders of the perfection of Eden and the loss the couple felt when exiled and blocked by angel warriors?

All I know is it takes some muddy shoes to really appreciate the Creator’s handiwork. I walk on a trail blazed by those who’ve walked before. And I realize in Life, so many have walked before me to blaze a trail of being a husband, a father, a pastor, and a man of God. And I realize the challenge we all face as we continue to blaze a trail for those that walk behind us.

May we walk worthily, God honoring, and faithfully in every step, every choice, every trail we venture.

Today, whether in a forest, or a 70 story office building, may you appreciate those who walked before you and may you walk worthily for those who walk after you.

here are some pics

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