The Blazed Trail in Life

This journey of life can be delightful and vexing at the same time. It is kind of like trails through the woods. Trails can be wonderful, but sometimes they can be quite confusing.

Yesterday, I walked around Lake Holliday. It was my first journey in this particular state park. The trail was pretty obvious, walk around the lake. The name of the trail was Lake Shore Trail after all. But still, even when you think you have it under control, things happen that cause one to think if you are on the right track.

Blazes … marks on trees and other edifices that identify which track you are on. Yesterday was the trail with blue blazes. Now here’s where I scratched my head. There were often forks in the trails with no blazes to be found. One has to choose; and if no blaze seen shortly, back track and go again. Sometimes there are multiple blazes … normally no problem, but you have to keep focused to make sure you’re on the right one when it splits again.

Then there are long stretches with no blazes … what do you do? I questioned if I made a wrong turn. I mean, I know I often want to get off trail, that is where adventure heightens. But in places larger and more unknown than Holliday Lake, that might mean disaster. (Daniel Boone National Forest in KY was a whole other story that illustrates this … lost, and wondering in a muddy forest … a story for another day)

Here’s the thing I saw yesterday. A blaze that was on a tree, but the tree had been knocked over. It was horizontal on the ground and it gave no hint of which way it was originally placed.

As we look for markers in life, sign posts, wisdom insights, and the like … we face similar issues. Long times where there is no clear cut sign if you’re on the right trail, forks in the journey with no indication of which path to take, and sometimes markers that give conflicting directions. And if you are following a person and their wisdom, it is vexing when you see them stumble and even fall … like the blaze on the tree that had fallen.

Fortunately, we have a book that never goes out of date, never gives false advice, and points to One who never fails and never falls … it is the Word of God and it points to Jesus from beginning to end.

Today … get into the Word, discover wisdom, insight, purpose, and direction. It’s markers will never fail.






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