Drip, Drip, Drip … And the Leaks Keep on Coming

It’s raining. Again. I just saw Noah walk by the window with some extra wood. He is building again, and it seems Virginia and Nebraska are the locations for potential building sites. Maybe the one in Kentucky can be adapted. You will have to remove the gift shop though.

It’s leaking. Again. One of the windows in our sanctuary has restarted its wonderful leaking. The sill is soaked, the carpet is damp, and Jean is already laying out towels and plastic. This needs to be fixed or the church can be damaged, and that is not good. It’s been fixed once, but things often need to be readdressed if the issues resurface.

Churches leak. Mostly they leak out though. People seep through the cracks and disappear without even a blink. This needs to be fixed or the church can be damaged. More importantly than the local organization, the important issue ie people that need encouragement, healing, and reconciliation.

Leaks need to be fixed. And more important than financial considerations are human life considerations.

Take some time this week to look around and see who might be slipping away from relationships, who might be braking contact, and who might seem to be on the edge of involvement. Be a Barnabas and encourage them, lift them up, and invest in them. Yes, it is costly. But a stitch in time saves nine.

I don’t know what that really means, I don’t remember Lilo says that in the movie … I am sure it is great wisdom.

Post Script

I am sorry to hear the decision that LifeWay is closing all brick and mortar stores. I know they will remain in the virtual world, but something about handling and seeing the resources. Pray for the employees that God will open doors.






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