A Monday Moment in the Madness

The shore of the Chesapeake Bay where I grew up

Back to work – the mayhem has resumed – Life continues to roll on (even though it might seem it is rolling over us at times).

Nobody seems to be happy these days. Just look at the impact of the Mueller report. One side says it is a witch hunt that went nowhere and cost too much – another says it is biased and means we need to go deeper – another side says cover up – and others say … I DON’T CARE.

I do care about transparent, ethically sound government. I do care about integrity and fairness. I do care about people and processes – but I also know this … people and processes will let me down. Ideologies will go astray. People will disappoint. Our jobs will feel purposeless. Our friends will disappear at times. We will even disappoint ourselves – a lot. And life gets hard.

But this I do know – my God is faithful. And great is His faithfulness. So this I do …

– I place my trust in Him, every day, every morning as I start the day.

– I won’t be surprised when life is hard or disappointments happen. But I won’t let it take away from my trust in Him and His faithfulness.

– I will wait on Him in times of silence, during days (or years) in the wilderness wandering, and when life doesn’t go “my way”.

– I will continue to spend time in His Word, in prayer, in serving others, and sharing with others the good news that Jesus loves them – and you.

I hope you know this – great is His faithfulness.






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