I Got an Anonymous “Concerned” E-Mail

It’s every pastor’s dream … to get that note, letter, or email from an unknown person. I got one this week, and it wasn’t my first in my years of ministry. But I hope it will be my last. Now, when I was in seminary, my Pastoral Ministry professor said to not even give attention to such correspondence. He went so far as to say throw it away before reading the letter … but is that the best way?

It is my desire to build relationships where I hope people can trust me, feel comfortable sharing concerns, and see that I take concerns seriously. I may not reach the same conclusions, see it from the same angle, or take the same issues as deep, but I do care and I do listen. It was bold and serious that this person took the time to share a concern, and I have addressed

Interestingly, some may say that me just writing this blog shows I don’t keep confidences. I want you to know that there is bigger reason … to encourage people to reach out, to share, to trust, and to open up to each other. If a church family can’t trust each other, there are deeper issues.

And if you think I preach a sermon because of something shared in a meeting – a fear, a life hurt, a struggle – maybe more than one person approached me with similar circumstances and the Biblical principles were what the Lord led me to share. I rarely preach to an individual … except myself. (But that’s a whole other blog)

So here is my point … which some were wondering if I had one.

– I hope each of us will take the effort to build relationships …

– I hope each one of us will be caring enough not to share concerns without sharing your heart, and yourself …

– and I hope each one of us never stop caring.

So, be blessed.

Post Blog Note … if your complaint is about me not hugging enough … suck it up.






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