A Lesson From a Plane Wreck … Peaks of Otter

If at first you don’t succeed … well, you know. It took three attempts on my Sharp Top hikes to find the wreckage of the B-52. (See below for link). The site of the tragedy is marked by a memorial, and the intensity of what took place is evident from the wreckage being a lot of little pieces scattered over hundreds of yards.

I grieve for. The families and friends. I honor our active military and veterans. I looked around in amazement of the fact the wreckage has lasted over half a century. But I also see a lesson. The lessons aren’t only from the wreckage but from the journey to find the wreckage.

Many of us may not have a visible trail of wreckage in our lives, but we have wreckage all the same. Broken relationships, shattered dreams, stress damage from harsh experiences and more. Maybe it is the way we handle the wreckage that either helps or hinders healing.

In our journey called life, we can make a Memorial out of our wreckage. Look back with “woe is me”, have self pity, remorse, or regrets. But that doesn’t help. Learn from it … press forward and realize we all have issues.

Maybe we can help others navigate their journey so they can avoid similar wreckage. If it wasn’t for a friend’s direction to find the site, I might have wondered around in the wilderness aimlessly. Learning from those who have gone before us is not only prudent, but a great way to build bonds between generations.

And a last nugget of toddly wisdom … putting this plane back together is hopeless. The Air Force basically left all pieces of the plane there on the side of the mountain. But. In our life’s wreckage, we have a God who is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals. There is no wreckage, no brokenness, no disaster too great for Him. He can heal, restore, and renew. And He is not an out-there God not listening or caring. We can come boldly before Him seeking mercy in time of need.

Today, if you are surrounded by wreckage, seeing pieces of your life scattered all around, then turn to the One who is bigger than all your damage. Turn to the God who loves you.

You won’t regret it … I never have.

An informational article in the wreck can be found here.






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