Shows on the Bubble, Me on the Bubble

It happens. TV shows that don’t seem to be drawing in the audience are put on the chopping block. They are the bubble of surviving or being cancelled. Sometimes, the public’s outcry through social media or write in campaigns save them. And it is always intriguing to see what will make it.

There are some great one season wonders … I loved Alcatraz, but alas, it is no more. This year, one of the shows I have come to appreciate is The Rookie. Will he return; and if he returns, will he still be a rookie? I mean he made it through his rookie year. How will they handle that?

And then there are those annoying situations where a pretty good show gets cancelled but they leave it at a cliff hanger. Aauugghh. I mean, come on.

Fortunately, there are the few shows that get picked back up. Way to go Outdoor Man.

We kind of do the same in real life. I mean, a new job brings that 90 day probationary period. I quit a job once after a week … just wasn’t what they said or what I expected. Yes, they got irate, but they could’ve done the same to me and not have had to give me a reason. I didn’t give them one.

And just so my church members know … I just got past the 6 month’s mark. So you are stuck with me!

Now, here is what really prompted this. Last week, a church member came to me and said they liked me. But … there is always a but … but, we really love Lisa. Ha. I gotcha. She is my ace in the hole. She wins hearts and melts even the coldest frost. They don’t want to get rid of me for that means they would lose Lisa. So … I think I’ll keep her around more. Some may try to put me on that chopping block, but Lisa is part of the package.

And don’t get any Roseanne ideas (you know, get rid of one actor and rename the show) … she sticks with me.

At least I hope she does.

Lesson here … you never really know when people will come into and go out of your life. Enjoy all there is while they are walking along side you on the journey. Never take anyone for granted. Seasons change all the time.






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