Kiddies, Candy, and Craziness

Palm Sunday. Tornado Watch. Windy Gusts. Put those together and you’ve got a great day.

Evergreen had a great Sunday service. We had over 200 in worship … 1st since I’ve been here, I think. Kid’s singing ‘hosannas’, palm branches waving, adult choir specials, organ solo, colors of the cross, and so much more as God’s people remember His love on the cross … and that’s why we praise Him (among the many reasons, that is).

Then the afternoon. Right in the middle of my normal Sunday afternoon nap, we scheduled our kids’ fun activity of “The Hunt.” We watched the weather, for Appomattox was under a weather storm/tornado watch.

Face painting, cookie decorations, slushees, cotton candy, poster coloring, noodle battles, hot dogs/bbq, crafts, outside play, and fun fun fun. Around 75 kids, at least that many adults, and you’ve got a riotous grand time. Some stayed home thinking the weather was gonna win today … I know they’ve seen the pics and now realize they missed out.

Now, a few opportunities for lessons for our kiddies. One kid took a dive when all the youngins got released for the egg hunt. A skinned knee didn’t stop him though. It was sweet to watch the little ones find eggs and share eggs with other kids.

Candy was shared (not too much, but plenty of sugar in the cotton candy, cookies, and slushees).

A highlight was the crazy game with our 3-5th grade. After the craziness, a leader shared about how many think what Jesus did for us was crazy; but what the world sees as crazy, we know it was because of love – His love for us.

And for a special moment, even Peg Leg Pete made an appearance. Quite a day.

This blog doesn’t do too much but share the joy of a great day. But that’s okay, sometimes we just need to share with others things that make us find joy.

What makes you happy, and with whom will you share it?





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