Bird Poop On My Shoulder

So I was tagged, marked, bombed, or pooed on. Is pooed a word? It is now. Somewhere between Granny Bees and the 4Runner, a wonderful aviary citizen of Appomattox let it be known I was walking in their turf. I did not even know it until later I looked in the mirror and saw the deposit left on my shirt – a dress shirt I add, I am headed to community Easter service later.

Therefore, I headed home to get a new shirt.

All of us leave our marks … the question is, what type of mark are you leaving?

I also googled this concept and learned getting pooed on is considered good luck. The odds are wild … like the same odds as winning the lottery (maybe today I should buy a ticket). Maybe it’s good luck just to be outdoors and not stuck behind a desk. Maybe it’s good luck because mariners used to see albatrosses as good omens (land is close). Who knows?

But what I do know is I was marked. I’ve been looking into this concept of being marked … Paul said he bore the marks of Jesus. I believe when we get to know Jesus, He will leave a mark. And when we are His, we should be leaving a mark on those around us.

All of us leave our marks … the question is, what type of mark are you leaving?

Think about that and we will see where this stream of thought takes us in the next few days.





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