Reviewing My Performance

Tonight, I have a meeting. I am meeting with the Pastor Search Team – the very team with which I worked with from almost a year ago. I now am the pastor of the church, but it seems a bit awkward that the Search Team is still meeting. Well, not too awkward. But to some, it may seem if they are still searching. Are they? I don’t think they are.

It has been six months, and they have been tasked with the responsibility to see how things are going. They will review me (every preacher loves to hear critiquing of the worship/sermons, yeahh). Have I upset people? Sure. But if I haven’t upset a few, then I am probably not doing my job. After all, I am called to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted.

But I can also share my feed back as well – not that I have any issues. What I will be sharing are more dreams, more visions, brainstorming some ideas, and sharing where I feel God is leading me and the church.

Now, you can find plenty out there on vision-casting, evaluations, church growth, etc. But that isn’t my point right now. My point is trust. Do I trust them? Do they trust me? Has trust been built? How can we deepen our trust? These are all good questions. But the real key is – Do I trust God?

If everything you are, everything about your profession, your identity, your character, your performance, your personality, your style, et al, if everything was being laid out and discussed – how would you feel? Me, I learned long ago to be the person I am and not try to masquerade anything. Take me as you find me, peeps

It has been said that what you fear is where you trust God the least.

– C Groeschel

Trusting God is critical. It entails surrendering our fears, our worries, and our doubts – and recognizing the sovereignty and provision of our Lord. It has been said that what you fear is where you trust God the least. Give it all to Him

You may not be under a personal or professional review, but we all have issues. I encourage You to trust Him in and through whatever it is you’re facing. And from the words of one who really through times of testing and trials (Corrie ten Boom), I give you the closing quote …

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God!

Corrie ten Boom





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