Is it too late for my daily blog?

I’m not the type to have my blog done way in advance. Or even 24 hours in advance. That is more Lisa’s style. I am the get up with the roosters (and yes, there are roosters in my neck of the woods) and type out my meandering mental musings. But today, and many days,it gets away from you.

It has been a crazy couple of days. My mother is going through huge life change. My son, well, he’s my son so his problems are normally my fault. Forget Freud, his mother is perfect and his struggles are patriarchally provided.

So today, I ran to Lynchburg to do some time sensitive errands. And then I went to lunch at Jersey Mike’s. But, I left my wallet in the car. Goober move. I tried to laugh it off and ran to the car. I left my phone for collateral. Upon my return, they joked they should’ve taken a selfie. So I gave them back the phone to take it …

Thanks my new friends.

They could’ve been annoyed. They could’ve ignored me. They could’ve mocked me. But they chose to laugh with me. What a great attitude and what great customer service.

They challenged me … and you …

  • Stay positive
  • Don’t look down on others when they mess up
  • Encourage others when the opportunity arises
  • Enjoy life

Thanks Jersey Mike’s.





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