Camp. It’s not what first came to mind.

Camp. Really? One article said trying to define camp is like to sit in the corner of a circular room. My brain is a little blown by the concept and more blown by the attire. Unless you never look on social media, you may not know to what I am referring. The annual event … that draws the elite of NY and our National socialite royalty … is the NY Met Gala. This year’s theme is ‘Camp’.

I hear ‘Camp’, and I think woods, tents, s’mores, and bears. And secondly, I think of the masterful artist Jeremy Camp. But nope, the Gala has something totally in mind, and Jeremy wasn’t even on their mind.

Photo by Theo Wargo

But here, it is something totally different. It refers to exaggeration, over the top, extravagance with exclamation points. Yes, the concept is subjective; and it’s more about debate than consensus. And if you looked at even a few of the pics of the favs on the red carpet, you might think you were in the Capital city of Panem for the Hunger Games’ festivities. An over the top, and unusual, array of attire that must’ve taken hours in makeup.

Is this because we can’t dress up for Halloween any more? Is it because we desire others to see we can not be outdone … a vanity issue? I just want to cry out why.

But, you want to know the greatest artist who can’t be outdone? You want to see extravagant and over the top creativity and beauty? You want to see a sight that brings discussion about impact of color and imagination? I can tell you who this designer is. It’s God.

Look at the platypus. Pretty unique. A peacock in full array. Wow. He made the immensity of the Grand Canyon, the force of a hurricane, the towering height of a sequoia, the colors of a sunset, and the beauty of a sleeping newborn. These may not be what you think of when you hear ‘Camp’, but they are the work of a master who can’t be outdone, none more creative, none more unique, none more artistic … and He also made the masterpiece called – you.

Thank you Lord for creating me .. individually, one who is fearfully and wonderfully made. And thank you for the beauty of creation for me to enjoy, and a creation that shouts your glory. And thank you for making me as a person who is creative … obviously not to the extent you are creative, but there is within me your image. And I ask that in all I do, I point to you, the great Artist, the great Creator, the Great and Mighty God.

NBC News did a pretty good article … look here. Some of the concepts above taken from this article.

Most pictures are copyrighted … so go here to see some of what they wore.






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