The Wonder of Muir Woods

They tower to over 280 feet. Some are over 1200 years old. They were saved from developers and are the very first national monument that was given to the government from private donations. The trees, towering and aged, all grow from a seed about the size of a tomato. The forest was the setting for movies such as Vertigo and the new Rise, Dawn, and War for the Planet of the Apes … but the filming actually took place elsewhere. I am referring to Sequoia sempevirens, the great Redwood tree.

Four years ago, I was blessed to visit the Muir Woods National Monument just north of San Francisco. It was part of a 15,000 mile road trip I took with Calvin. We went to Estes Park, Rocky Mountains Park, Yellowstone, Tahoe, Yosemite (though we were turned around by rangers before we could park … too full), Grand Canyon, and more.

The forest was awe inspiring. I have hiked old woods before in the hills/mountains of Virginia, Carolinas, and Kentucky … but this was different.

  • It put into perspective the grandeur and beauty of what our Creator has given us.
  • It showed we need to be proactive to preserve such parts of our world … as development and cities grow, we should not sacrifice sights such as this. The east coast still has some large tracts of forest and parks, but this west coast site was so close to ‘civilization’ that the reminder to protect it is obvious.
  • It also reminded me such beauty is best when shared with friends and loved ones. Lisa was able to join Calvin and I in SanFran … and I readily acknowledge her beauty surpasses anything we saw, I was glad we experienced this together.
  • Don’t wait to take time to spend with your kids. Calvin will soon make all his road trips with that woman that stole his heart and attention. And I do want them to share such wonders. Lisa isn’t the outdoor type, unless you’re referring to the patio at the local coffee shop (I would say Starbucks, but there isn’t one near me … gasp)

So, get out there … enjoy the wonder of God’s gift of creation … share the experience with loved ones … and don’t get so obsessed with taking pics that you forget to pause and enjoy.





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