My iPhone Broke

I am an idiot. I dropped it. It was late, well, very early in the morning. I should’ve been asleep. I opened the news app to catch up on headlines. And then I dozed, dozed with the phone secure in my hand … until it wasn’t.

The THUD woke me … and I feared the worse … not another screen, please Lord. yeah, the screen was intact. It was the phone … it split open revealing the innards of magical technology done by wizards of Jobsian mystical wisdom. My glass shield cover did its job, it protected the phone from splintering. But there it was, sliced like a sandwich tethered together by a single battery cable.

I snapped it back together. Kind of. There remained a gap in the top that shined a light out when the screen was on. So I snapped, and snapped. When I snap the top by the cameras, the bottom by the home button (yes, it’s an older iPhone) had the gap. When I snapped the bottom, the top had the gap. So … no longer water resistant.

The great thing … it still works perfectly. Nothing has slowed down this piece of Apple iconic magic. So go ahead and text me. I will respond … if I think you are worthy (jk, I will).

So, I have had fun all week snapping the case of my iPhone … and I pondered a few things to challenge each of us today …

  • I often do idiotic things, but it will pass. You may too … but it’s not the end to everything. Even if the phone had broke, life goes on. Do you do idiotic things? Yeah, like I even need to ask.
  • We all get jostled; and if jostled enough, we will reveal what is inside us. So what will I reveal … Joy or anger? Patience or impudence? Hurt or happiness? What will you reveal?
  • We can get jostled and banged around. We can even break apart at times, but we should still carry on. A wise man once wrote we should learn to be content in whatever state we are in. So don’t cave in when life jostles you. Keep on keeping on.
  • And after we get banged around, we may never go back to being ‘brand new’ out of the box condition. We may crack, snap, and be worn … but God will still use us. And one day … we will trade this body, and this spirit in, for a renewed to better then ever one. He renews, restores, and makes all things new. Keep the eternal in perspective.

Have a great day …






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