Why are we here?

They died for others. They gave the ultimate sacrifice. Blood was shed, lives were lost, nation against nation. But why? Today above all days we remember those whose lives were given in war and in defense of their nation. And I too am so grateful. They died for others. They died for me.

No greater love than this, then one lay down his life for his friends. But I wasn’t their friend. They didn’t know me. Yet they still went, they still fought, and some never came home.

Why? For a way of life? Possibly. For freedom? I get it. For their nation? Why?

But a question even draws me deeper. They did it for others, for me … so what am I to do with this life, why am I here? Why are we here?

I was challenged this weekend from another blog on this very question. And yes I know the classical catachismical answer (made that word up, cool) … but I loved way she looked at it. You, me, all of us were born to make an impact. Flows right out of my sermon series … leaves a mark.

You were born to make an impact.

So today, remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. May our lives be impacted by their service, their sacrifice. And may we take it a step further, realizing we who remain have the opportunity, no, the responsibility to leave an impact on others.

So today, make a difference in the lives around you. Be an encourager, lift them up, show love, and treat others with respect and care. Make an impact … leave a mark!

Be blessed!

Beauty Beyond Bones blog mentioned can be found here. The pic is from her blog.





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