Stand Firm & Take Action

Hard times are coming. Real hard times. It seems it hits most people’s at some time or another. Maybe you’re going through something right now. It may be things that just happen (storms, health, old age, etc.). It may be people that are looking for a skirmish, a brawl, or someone to outright fight. It might be caused by jealousy, envy, political disagreements, religious hatred, or any number of things.

Years ago, when diagnosed with the disorder that led to a hip replacement … I asked what caused it. The wise doctor said it might be genetic, might’ve been the car accident I had in high school, or the sport injury while playing soccer. Or, it might’ve been the shampoo I use. The shampoo? Well, he said, we really don’t know, so it really doesn’t matter, does it? One answer is just as good as another … the issue is how you handle it.

This week, I am reading Daniel 9-12, and just when Daniel is nearing the end of the 70 years of exile, just when you think the nation is turning the corner, just when you think things are about to be better … wham. The 2-by-4 hits you square in the back of the head. Daniel was shown that more nations will rise against you, including an evil ruler who will be an abomination. Daniel even gets a glimpse of the one who will personify evil … the Antichrist. He will come against God’s people. He will persecute, terrorize, and be the source of the Great Tribulation.

But … the people who know their God … shall stand firm and take action

There is a way to stand firm in the storm, to hold fast in hard times, and to get through the worst of what the world can throw at you … the key here, knowing God. Spend some time today getting to know Him better. Work on that relationship. Talk to Him, listen, read His Word, and sing a song of praise (I find that great way to keep my mind in Him).

What actions will this lead to? Not sure, but I am excited that it is not just passive standing, we will be active too.

Have a great day.

Note – this was a second publication for Thursday. But that was because the Wednesday article never went through until this morning. So enjoy this second blog on Thursday. — te






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