Feel Good Friday … a children’s hospital story

It is Friday and we all need a good story. We need a light hearted tale, maybe a little laughter, or even a “so cool” type of read. So, I’ve got your fix.

As I perused news articles from all over, I came across this little blurb. Maybe it is because I have written about anxiety, burn out, or stress this week that I just needed a positive moment. Or, maybe it’s the fact Lisa used to work at Children’s Health in Dallas, or maybe it’s just so darn cute … I am not sure but I share just for your enjoyment.

No parent wants their kid to have to have health issues, much less surgery. And as worrisome it is to mom and dad, I can only imagine what a young child might be going through as they prepare for surgery. So to help out, a hospital has cars on facility to make sure the kids make it to the surgery wing.

These are not normal cars, and the kids are not driven to the OR. It is cars just for them … and they get to be the drivers.

I guess a VW works – personally, I would have gone with Jeeps or a Mustang.

I wonder if any try to drive off … Thelma & Louise style. Do they get to race? And where do they get those cool racing caps to keep your hair from being too wind blown?

No one wants a kid to have to go through such an ordeal, but what a great stress reliever … who doesn’t like a little drive to relax (as long as someone else is paying for the gas!)

So spend sometime thinking about these kids and others. What can you do to help others through tough times? Leave a mark … a positive mark on those who need it.

Have a great weekend.

Original article can be seen here. Pictures from that article.





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