Is it about what you’ve got or who’s got you?

@DrRobertSmithJr opened it all with a great word from the Word

The 4 days of SBC is upon us (Southern Baptist Convention). A plethora of meetings, music, messages, and … and mountains of mayhem on Twitter and Social Media (whatever platform you prefer).

I have attended many – less than many out there, but a fair share. And I pray that God gets the glory out of it all.

But too often, the media picks up the squabbles, the skirmishes, the disagreements, and more. They miss the powerful proclamation of the gospel, the servant heart actions of Crossover, and the reports of God working in and through so many ways throughout our schools, entities, mission endeavors, and churches.

So last night, I set our Sunday night crowd before the live stream of the opening worship and great initial sermon in the pastors’ conference. We were blessed.

A quote about Jesus

— Jesus was not a teacher who came from God, Jesus is God who came to teach! @DrRobertSmithJr

I will watch more, pray more, get excited more … and choose to focus on the positive. It a not that issues shouldn’t be addressed, but I don’t want them to distract me from seeing the good things God is doing.

Starting off with a quote from Sunday night …

It’s not how much you have of the Holy Spirit, it’s how much does the Holy Spirit have of you?

Mic dropped – heart challenged – take it to the bank.

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