Taco Tuesday and Teachers get a $250,000 Surprise

Two For Tuesday – Part 1

Food trucks When I was in Dallas, I often enjoyed the food trucks – downtown, Klyde Warren Park, and the Railyards at Frisco. Yum. But now I am in rural Virginia, and options are limited.

Appomattox is a bit on the minimal side in dining establishments. But though few in number, the quality of those here are pretty good. Yeah, normal any town USA with Micky Ds, Wendy’s, Dominos, Burger King, etc.. But also a couple of good mom & pop places too. Granny Bees is my regular breakfast spot – plus, listening every morning, I get some pretty good sermon material.

But one big surprise is a food truck – and it’s good. The Taco Wagon. I am a regular there too. I have to check the FB page to make sure they’re in town . But they give good portions that taste mucho bueno.

Two For Tuesday – Part 2

A pretty powerful moment took place at the opening of the Baptist Convention – the mayor of Birmingham came out and welcomed the roughly 10,000 peeps to Alabama. Then, as he was leaving the stage, JD Greear called him back and presented him with a check for a quarter of million dollars for teacher supplies in the local school district.

Wow – great gesture – real impact – people focused – and helping kids.

He wasn’t done.

Later, every person in the center had been given a postcard – customized on one side and blank on the other. They were challenged to write a word of blessing and support to the teachers who would be getting the funds for supplies.

Tony Evans once said the public school systems was a great way for any church, any demographic, any style, to make an impact in their community.

I pray this leaves a mark, glorifies God, and blesses the teachers and classes of Birmingham.

You go Southern Baptist!






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