Best Software to Learn a New Language? I need to learn FARM!

I want to learn a new language. While in Texas, I should’ve spent more time learning Spanish. Well, I should’ve started spending time learning it. Olivia, my dear friend from Hyatt, gave me some tips. Margaret yelled at me in Spanish a lot … a lot. But I get laughed at when I order tacos from the Taco Wagon here.

Now I have taken several languages while in college and grad school. Mostly dead languages (not used in conversation today) … theological German, Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Biblical Aramaic, Latin. I can muddy through reading those and maybe even fool a few people by throwing some of the words around pretending I know them better than I really do.

I’ve travelled some, but Canada uses English, think the Lord. Maybe I can count Cajun as a foreign language from when I was in Louisiana. I didn’t too good at that either. I mean, I need subtitles to understand Farmer Fran from The Waterboy.

So here I am in heartland Virginia. And I am at a loss. I need to learn new language – FARM. You heard me, FARM. They talk it here and I have already blown it … who knew you should not tell people they are rolling grass if they are bailing hay. Apparently, rolling grass should only be done in Colorado or California. See, those states have their language too, but totally different meaning.

There is the local footwear that will help me acclimate – Camo Crocs. Haven’t got them yet, but I do have my first Carhartt.

Back to the language … yes, we speak the same language. But it is a bit humorous that in different parts of the same country, we have different points of view and different idioms we develop. And once you’re part of another person’s world, take time to get to know them. Spend time with them. Immerse yourself in your new world. Too many people always expect the other person to adapt.

So, I will learn FARM. I may not ride a tractor, or raise bovine. You probably won’t catch me judging a 4H competition. But, I know what RailroadFest means.

What about you? Are there people around you that you need to get to know better? Is there a language you need to learn? It may not be available on Babel or Rosetta Stone … so get ready to spend time with them. And maybe, get out and buy those Camo Crocs. Me, I’ll stick with my Oboz and Chucks for now.





2 responses to “Best Software to Learn a New Language? I need to learn FARM!”

  1. momslovelearning Avatar

    This is interesting. When I started learning English, I spent some time in Ireland and Irish people also have specific words and idioms (for instance words coming from the Irish language). I always have a hard time recognizing accents in English though. I think I concentrate so much on the meaning that I am unable to say where the accent is from.

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    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      I love the ever adaptive English language – thanks for the comment

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