Bridges to Faith Relationships

Guest Blogger … Lisa Bell Estes

Sometimes, I am so proud of this author. I know her wisdom is a blessing to many. Her only bad decision I know she made was to marry down … but I am glad she did.


In my early 20s, I made an unexpected friend that has lasted for decades. Initially, it involved a conversation about a cute guy. Somehow, the conversation turned to other things, and another friend joined us. We frequented Denny’s for coffee and eventually became the best, inseparable friends.

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Relationships are a way of life. We all have them. We relate the best we can with people of various cultures, families, and personalities. We develop relationships that are tender, close, or become strained. We have relationships with the young and the mature.

At times, however, it seems difficult to develop relationships. We have to determine to take the initiative in many instances. Eventually, that one person may unexpectedly appear, and you make a connection.

How do we connect in our relationships? Since this is Faith Connection Friday, the bridge to making connections is prayer. For example, if we desire…

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