Power Outage in Evergreen

I walked into a dark house. Well, kind of dark, it was 1pm and we had lots of windows.

The fan wasn’t blowing and the normal noise from the fridge was not filling the sound void.

Then I noticed it … clocks had gone dark, little lights on the modem, the TV, and anything electric were not shining their tiny little ambience. If I had an Apple HomePod or Amazon Echo, then Siri and Alexa would be deathly silent, maybe never to speak again.

The power was gone. Anything electric was useless. The apocalypse had begun. What if we never had power again? What if it was the end of days and I was on my own? The anxiety, the fear, the trembling. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so dramatic. But thoughts of our nation without power is quite frightening.

But people live like that all the time. And they survive. People did it for millennia, and survived. I am now near lots of farmers and a great church family … I might last a little longer then you drones living the city-urban life. Go ahead, enjoy the big city-bright lights, while they last (bwahahaha). It’s comforting to know Calvin, raised in an electric dependent lifestyle, is marrying a girl whose family is ready to live off the land. Calvin will be a farm hand. I never thought I would say those words.

What would you do? Where is your trust? Is your God big enough to handle no electricity? That means no phones, no iTunes, no Spotify, no facebook, no texts-emails-instagrams-messages.


Wait, the power is back on. I will deal with these issues of having not power later.

Some things can not be put off. Let’s deal with issues of eternity now.






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