It’s Raining Money

Presidents and Founding Father’s were falling down all over the interstate around Atlanta. Not their corpses but their faces on multiple one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. About $175,000 dollars worth.

What would you do if you saw money raining down? Video captured around 50 cars pulling over to see if they could help … help relieve them of the money that is.

An armored car back door flew open … and out the paper-gold came. Once police arrived and they helped collect the currency, they came up with a mere fraction of the original amount.

Police are asking those that collected the loose money to return it with no repercussion. People are starting to do this, but some are also posting on FB videos of themselves grabbing the “free” money. Oops. Bad move. Law enforcement officers are looking through social media, getting license plates from videos, and starting to collect names of those that might have some of the booty.

It’s not the weirdest, or eve most expensive, traffic jam due to spills. There was a truck in Italy that spilled over 2 million in coins … coins.

So, today … I list a few weird spills … maybe you’ve been in a weird one too. I would love to hear about it.

  • 26 dead alligators (or what Louisiana calls, the gumbo truck)
  • The “Great Syrup Spill” all over a highway. A nearby restarting owner made pancakes, took a picture, and got international fame.
  • Still hungry, there was the pizza spill that closed down an interstate in Little Rock.
  • Wash the pizza down with either Fireball Whiskey (which actually started a fire, oh the irony) or the 60,000 pounds of Busch Beer.
  • There was the zoo animals in East Texas … penguins and an octopus.
  • 400 beehives in Idaho … wow
  • A tomahawk missile in the Bronx. Now let’s talk gun control.

And lastly, 12 tons of liquid milk chocolate. So sad, the travesty. But the situation got worse as the chocolate began to harden and turn the highway into a slippery nightmare … as bad as solid ice.

I’ve had my own spill. I bought a bushel of apples near Cana, Va … a car hit me. My apples spilled all over the mountain road. At least it didn’t take the 19 hours it took to clean the chocolate.

So … lesson for the day is to stay alert, you never know what will be on your morning commute.

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