Good Deed Gone Bad

In-Laws … they have taken over my house. Every bed and an inflatable in the living room. I have to sleep on the couch. But I’m great, and it’s great that Lisa is getting a great week of great time with her great family. Did I push the word ‘great’ enough? A little too much?

So, my sis-in-law asked where I get ideas for my blog. This week, I told her it was them. Bwohaahaa. So here’s my story.

Lisa put Andes Mints on their pillow cases. How sweet. Except she didn’t put one on her sister’s pillow. Since the two sisters were sharing a bed, she didn’t put those delectable chocolates there. Well, the sister noticed and shared her disappointment. So on day two, I put some Andes Mints on her pillow. And when she went to bed, she did not notice them. Bad move.

About 11pm, she felt something gooey, slick, oily on her neck. Yep, the two mint bricks were no longer there in their original form. They were now a melted mess. But she did not know what this was yet.

She wiped it with her hand. Turned on her phone’s light. She saw a yucky black product sliming her neck and upper back. She jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom sink, and pretty much expressed a shock. Lisa awoke (as did all the neighbors … jk). Lisa explained what it was, help clean the pillowcase while her sister cleaned her neck and back. I just laughed from the couch in the other room … did I mention they are making me sleep on the couch.

Sometimes the best of efforts, the grandest of intentions, even the kindest of acts, do not go the way we planned. And today … neither did mine. But I tried.

So I have a few options. 1 … Stop doing nice things. Too much effort, goes wrong a lot, and not appreciated. 2 … Just do mean things from now on. That seems to be easier for me. But this option is, well, mean. 3 … Continue to do acts of kindness, and realize, sometimes it just won’t matter, but it is always important.

What would you do?

May we always pursue the best in others.

PS. I get my bed back Saturday.





One response to “Good Deed Gone Bad”

  1. Jerry Love Avatar
    Jerry Love

    Keep ’em coming, Todd! Love your “muddy shoes.”


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