Shark Week is Here

Dunnn-Dunnn …… Dunnn-Dunnn. The frenzy is here. July 28 was the kick off for TV’s annual event of mayhem, wildness, and hours of entertainment. Discovery Channel has done a superb job in marketing this event. Millions turn in. Multiple nations broadcast the shows. But in a week, it will be over.

I remember as a teen going to see the blockbuster that scared so many from ever going back into the water ever again. I remember the tour at Universal Studios in California and seeing the mechanical shark jump out at the tram … took a bit of mystique away, but still respect the special effects of the 70s that CGI has replaced today.

I still love to use the ‘dunnn-dunnn’ sound when any moment gets a little tense. It sets a mood that is creepy and intense at the same time.

Shark movies have multiplied, even to the point of craziness with Sharknado.

We need to be alert for sharks are found in more places than ocean beaches. In our society, we call people sharks. It is mostly an offensive term … meaning a ruthless person who goes after what they want without scruples. But it also could mean an opportunists. We have …

  • Card Sharks
  • Loan Sharks
  • Lawyers are called Sharks

But we also love the show Shark Tank. Go figure.

The ocean predator has infiltrated our society for good and for bad. I kind of connect Sharks with Satan … kind of like it’s land equivalent of lions … seeking whom he may devour. But unlike the fear I had when I watched the ’75 movie, I don’t fear Satan. No matter how deadly he might be … for I rest in the hands of Jesus and know that the sharklike fallen angel can do nothing without my Savior’s permission. And that helps me sleep at night.

Have a blessed day … even if you’re at the beach.

One final thought … I am kind of afraid that I will have to listen to Baby Shark all week, but for that, I will survive.





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